Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Choosing Paint Colors for Kitchens

When choosing a paint color for the kitchen, only pick colors that occur naturally in food. Psychologically, if your kitchen is painted a color that does not occur in food, turquoise for example, no matter how beautiful it looks, you just won't feel comfortable or at ease in the room. This kitchen is painted a beautiful red, perfect for those who love strawberries or apples or even tomatoes.

I always recommend choosing a darker shade of paint for the kitchen since there is so little walls space it will not overwhelm the room. It adds quite a bit of drama and flair against the large expanses of cabinets and countertops. Although this kitchen is full of food-themed accessories, you can also accessorize with items that feature your favorite "non-food" colors. Remember that the purpose of the kitchen is to prepare food, so make sure you don't over-accessorize and reduce the functionality of the room.


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  2. what colour turquoise would be a good accent In a kitchen that has tan walls with red accents the cupboards are white
    or would using red paint be better its jujube red and use the turquoise in tea towels and wall decor